Friday, June 24, 2011

i love lamp

Another unfinished project lurking in my beckley office/junk room is this lamp. I saw this forlorn thing at a local thrift store and loved the simple contours of it's base and had to have it. Somewhere down the road I hope to give it a bulb and a lamp shade to round out the new coat of paint. However I sort of hit a road block.

In my focus on getting it all taken apart for the paint job (my favorite part) I snipped the wires. Now I have to rewire it but I don't remember which wires go where. I'm pretty sure which ones are which, however, if I do it and go to plug it in and they are wrong, I think electrocution might be a possiblity.

So in the meantime it just sits with this lovely high gloss black paint job. Looking lovely, although useless. And yes, that's my garage full of stuff-anyone want to buy a surfboard?


  1. you know... your brother is going to be at the farm working on building me some furniture (your family is too creative haha!). I could tell him that there's an electrical project that needs some help and you know he'd help you!

  2. I understand. I have three unfinished lamps, meaning needing-to-be-rewired-fire-hazard lamps. They have been sitting in my closet for more than I care to say. I do have to say blogging helps with the projects.

    Love the paint job.

  3. Thanks yah I finally got it wired. It took so many tries though! I don't think I will ever be able to forget how to wire a lamp now though!