Tuesday, May 17, 2011

what a process

Saturday was a wonderful quiet day and I finally got a chance to put together some new jewelry for my etsy store. As much as it might seem like making jewelry is easy, it is quite a long process when you are taking apart vintage or broken jewelry, cleaning it and sorting it out. Then I start looking at what might go together (colors, styles, shapes, sizes), lay it out and let it sit for a bit. Add in a little internet perusal for inspiration. I'll usually change it at least twice before I finally put it together. The process is so interesting and creative but it can take forever! Head over to my etsy shop this week to see what made the final cut!

Found this lovely collection in my www ramblings. Reverie is by Alison Woodward, a NY jewelry designer (you may have seen her line in Anthropologie). It's beautiful!

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