Thursday, April 14, 2011

nature walk

I spend a lot of time inside wishing I was outside. Lately the weather has been beautiful and I just couldn't take it anymore so I hopped the back fence for a walk in the neighboring field.

The air was fresh and wind was blowing the tall grasses like great ocean waves. I watched a tiny black bug ride the swells atop a blade of grass, totally unfazed. Brilliant yellow and orange flowers with petals like butterfly wings dotted the hillside, little wildfires in the grass. A crimson ladybug crawled upside down across a slender stem. 

I could hear traffic and the sounds of normal life in the distance. But everywhere I looked there were all sorts of wonderful, fascinating things moving and living and happening on this one tiny patch of ground. All of it as oblivious to lists of things to do, deadlines or staff meetings as I often am to it.


  1. Jenny this is lovely! Spring is my favorite time of year :) Good to see someone is enjoying it !

  2. Thanks Lauren! Yah it's so easy to let it all just pass by for all the busyness. But it was worth the little break!

  3. Most insightful post, Jen....and great pics, as always! I love your style and flair!
    Marianne :) xx †