Tuesday, March 29, 2011

waking up

Although I am slow to wake up, I love mornings. The light feels fresh and lately it's been overcast in the morning so it's a soft and cozy kind of light. Aside from a hot cup of coffee, my new favorite morning beverage is fresh squeezed orange juice made with organic oranges from my dad's farm. You can take a closer look at my dad's organic farm here: http://www.promacksfarm.com/

Corralled in my new-to-me robin's egg bowl (another item that got a raised eyebrow from my husband when it joined our family) they have become one of my favorite things to see in the morning. The bowl is one of the newest additions to our house which I unearthed at this wild antique event held in a fabulous old barn on the Betty Crocker estate in Valley Center. My mom and I spent hours in their extensive maze of antiques, oddities, furniture and more. Check out more information on them here: http://www.matildasmouse.com/index.html

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