Monday, March 21, 2011

the beginning

Ever gotten to a point where you say "enough is enough!" That's right where I am standing.

Since I was a little girl I have had a passion for being creative. My mom and my grandma always encouraged me artistically and gave me great amounts of leeway to experiment. Walls in both of their houses have murals painted on them and years ago my mom even let me redesign my bedroom so I retextured one wall, painted another blue and was allowed to put in distressed wood flooring-none of which matches the rest of their house.

I am inspired by unique combinations and bringing new life to old things-the kind of person that rearranges the furniture when I clean just to see how it would look a different way. I really appreciate companies, designers and products that recycle or reuse old materials and hope to follow their lead in my own work. My creative outlets are painting, drawing, sewing, sculpture, graphic design, photography, making jewelry & interior design. Someday maybe I'll add ceramics, glass blowing or designing window displays for Anthropologie (wouldn't that be amazing?).

Now married & working a full time job and a part time job, I find myself with little time to do much of anything besides working, eating & sleeping. I live in a little condo with my husband who is learning to humor my artistic appetite. We have had a poster hanging in our house that says "created to create" and I think that's so true of myself. Sometimes if I haven't done something artistic in a while I start to feel like I am going to explode!

So after my most recent sob sesh about not doing anything creative I decided that's it. I could keep waiting for the time to be just right to start living my dreams but I might end up waiting my whole life. The time is now. This blog is to chronicle my artistic pursuits and ambitions. I have put off pursuing this side of myself for quite some time, but I can't wait anymore! Carpe diem!

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